Lower Greenville Texas Property Management

Lower Greenville, Texas, is an East Dallas neighborhood that’s located west of Lakewood. To get even more specific, it’s the area south of Belmont Avenue. If you go north of Mockingbird Lane, you’re in Upper Greenville.

Entertainment in Lower Greenville, Texas

Lower Greenville is a major entertainment district in Dallas. It offers a wide range of things to do, such as live music venues, restaurants, popular bars, boutique stores, and shops of all kinds. The major restaurants in the area include HG Sply Co., Pizzeria Testa, Sundown at Granada, and Rapscallion, to name just a few.

Lower Greenville Real Estate

Lower Greenville is just a 15-minute drive from Dallas proper and boasts a population of just over 7,700 people. The median owner-occupied home value is around $350,000, making this area a hot buy—that is, if you can find inventory in the highly competitive real estate market of today.

While there isn’t a downside to living in Lower Greenville, keep in mind that late-night partygoers emanating from the many local fine drinking establishments may act in accordance with their varying levels of inebriation. While this may be a downside to some—to others, it means that they live within walking distance of a major entertainment area.

Of course, the biggest attraction of Lower Greenville is the massive St. Patrick’s Day parade that’s held every year. It seems as if the entire city of Dallas comes out to celebrate being Irish (or Irish in spirit).

Lower Greenville Schools

Lower Greenville is a small area, but the Dallas Independent School District (DISD) has two public elementary schools in the area. Students who live in Lower Greenville are zoned into other nearby schools.

Lower Greenville Property Management

Many Lower Greenville homeowners opt to rent or lease out their homes, apartments, or condos. The limited availability and proximity to nearby entertainment areas make this a hot place to rent.

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